Based on expert judgment, our Company is one of the TOP five leaders in the market of the EU support consulting.
We are positioned as the TOP administrative consultants in complex ESFA (European Social Fund Agency) training projects.

We have prepared over 300 applications for EU grants, and approximately 90% of the said projects have received funding.

We have administered over 250 EU support projects.

In the bulk of all EU investment projects, the ones done by us comprise from 40% to 50% of the TOP 10 projects in the country.

We have organized and carried out staff training in more than 100 companies.

In 2016, there were 27 applications submitted to receive grants under the EU project Eco-Innovation LT+ in Lithuania, but funding was approved for only 8 of them. From them, as many as 3 were prepared by our specialists, and all of the said companies received significant funds. What is more, over 30 of our clients received financial support under the EU project New Opportunities LT.

2017 was a record-breaking year for us in terms of projects. In total, we worked on 113 projects, from them 33 were related to applying for grants. The most significant projects were HIT Industry LT+, Eco-Innovation LT+ and Renewable Energy Resources for Industry LT+.

Prepared applications for EU grants:


Our funding receiving rate


Our administered EU support projects.

In 2018, our focus is on projects related to training, business investment, export, environment, energy, scientific research, experimental development and social issues.

As the present year advances, we are happy to be working on several huge projects under the following instruments: HIT Industry LT+, Eco-Innovation LT+, Renewable Energy Resources LT+ and Competences LT.


Raimondas Sklėnys

Raimondas Vytautas Sklėnys


Ignas Viliušis

Ignas Viliušis

Customer service manager

Iingrida Sklėniene

Ingrida Sklėnienė

Project manager

Neringa Viliušė

Neringa Vanagaitė – Viliušė

Project manager


Sigita Korsun

Business development manager

Romualdas Trumpa

Romualdas Trumpa

Project manager

K. Driskius

Kęstutis Driskius

Market research manager


Regina Bėliakienė

Project manager


Gintarė Drungilaitė

Project manager


Rima Arbutavičienė

Project manager